About Us

Cape Rock Private Wealth is an independent wealth management firm,

Dedicated to helping to build and protect legacy wealth. We specialize in working with business owners to optimize their personal wealth as they plan for their future and the future of their companies.

Our Focus

We focus on driving value into their estates and businesses by helping them to improve cash flow and liquidity, to restructure debt, and to map out their transition and legacy planning. Financial planning is the foundation for the wealth management services we offer.

I have been working closely with business owners since 2005 as their trusted financial advisor and have deep experience in private sales, asset liquidations, helping owners transfer their companies to family members or employees. I am a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, having earned that credential specifically to help business owners maximize their enterprise value through a future liquidity event.

Services and Solutions

In response to the advice, service and solutions I have provided to my clients, they have entrusted me with helping to guide themselves and their families towards their financial goals. I fully understand how successful people need unlimited access to best-in-class opportunities and unbiased advice to help them simplify their financial decision making. As a result, I became an independent business owner myself, with the launch of Cape Rock Private Wealth in 2021.

Our Firm

Through my independent firm, you can find the answers to every challenge created when financial or investment decisions impact your life or your company. You will receive objective advice not only from an experienced financial advisor, but from a fellow business owner. A common bond among all business owners is their reliance on quality service. You don’t have time to work with anyone who’s less than completely reliable. That’s why my word, my delivery, and my follow-through earn the trust of every one of my clients.

Cape Rock Private Wealth was created so you can have a trusted, stable, and objective partner to rely on: for honest advice - sometimes blatantly honest advice - thorough planning, and smart solutions.

Trust stability Honesty

My aim is to simplify your financial decision making, to give you more time to enjoy more of what matters most to you.