Our Approach

At Cape Rock Private Wealth, I consciously choose to work with only a select group of clients.

This allows me to truly get to know and understand each client – their family and their business – on a very intimate and granular level, which in turn allows me to provide the most relevant advice and solutions. We set account minimums at a high level, keeping our business focused on a “small family of clients.” This helps to assure them that they will receive our very best service and attention.

Our Approach

In working with business owners, I have found that the most rewarding experience for the client begins with a discussion about their debt management.

We’ll review all loans and debt

Look at opportunities to consolidate and/or restructure

Explore low margin accounts and credit lines

Our first goal is to provide for an optimized cash flow and ensure that payroll is never an issue

Thorough, thoughtful process

Most advisors only care about your assets. I understand to truly evaluate and manage wealth, you need to undertake thorough planning on both sides of the balance sheet. As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor, I’ve been trained not only in driving enterprise value, but also in advanced wealth management, including lifestyle probability forecasting.

Crafting a unique, personalized plan

Working together, we’ll explore a goals-based approach to building out a detailed financial plan, customized just for you, which may include forward-looking considerations like retirement and estate planning. But the priority will be driving value into your business in the short-term, so you will have the best opportunity to finance the dreams you have for the future. I’ll also coordinate with your other trusted advisors, including your attorney and accountant, to ensure our plan is comprehensive in scope.

Driven solely by clients’ needs

To understand my clients – and what’s most important to them – I often meet with them in their home or at their place of business. From the kitchen table and the factory to the field and the sales floor, I meet with my clients where the action is, where their heart is. I believe these personal visits distinguish the type of service I offer my clients.

When building your financial plan, we consider both sides of your balance sheet – and all aspects of your life and business that are affected by financial decisions.